How to Access Quick Menu in Procreate

How to Access Quick Menu in Procreate

Procreate, hailed as the favorite creative app for artists, excels in delivering exceptional creative outcomes through minimalist design and intuitive multi-sensory touch controls. For newcomers, understanding Procreate's interface and how to access the Quick Menu is crucial, as it greatly aids in subsequent creative endeavors. In this article, we will elucidate how to access the Quick Menu in Procreate, providing valuable assistance for your creative journey.


1.What is the Quick Menu?

2.How to Customize the Quick Menu

3.Using Xenx with Procreate


What is the Quick Menu? 

The Quick Menu in Procreate significantly enhances the efficiency of artists' creative processes. Within the Quick Menu, creators can customize shortcuts for various functions, tailored to different creative workflows. By utilizing the Quick Menu, artists can concentrate more on their creative work, quickly access the functions they need, and greatly improve both their efficiency and creative results.

How to Customize the Quick Menu


Enabling the Quick Menu:

To enable the Quick Menu, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Gesture Controls > Quick Menu, and select any of the shortcuts that call up the Quick Menu.


If you're using an Apple Pencil for drawing, you can also access the Quick Menu by setting up touch gestures or simply tapping on the screen.


Using the Quick Menu:

If you've set a touch gesture to invoke the Quick Menu, a single tap on the screen will open a radial menu. The menu will remain open until you select an option.

For faster touch use, you can use a touch and drag gesture: lightly tap and hold the button you want to select, then slide your finger toward the desired function button. When you release your finger, the selected function will activate.

As you become familiar with the position of each function button in the radial menu, you'll naturally improve your efficiency in selecting the functions you need, ultimately enhancing your creative process.


Customizing the Quick Menu:

By default, the Quick Menu in Procreate is typically set with buttons like:


New Layer

Flip Horizontal


Merge Down

Clear Layer

Flip Vertical


However, you can change these buttons to suit your preferences and workflow.

To customize the Quick Menu, invoke the Quick Menu, then lightly tap and hold the button you want to change. After a moment, the Set Action menu will appear. Scroll through the list and tap on the action you want to assign to that button.

Procreate will automatically remember your custom settings.


Quick Menu Sets:

You can create multiple unique Quick Menu sets for different purposes, each with an unlimited number of customized function buttons. This feature is particularly helpful if you use different tools and functions at various stages of your creative process.

To create a new Quick Menu set, enable the Quick Menu, then tap the center Quick Menu button to open the Quick Menu window. In this window, double-tap the Quick Menu Set name to customize the name of each menu. 

To switch between different Quick Menu sets, enable the Quick Menu and tap the center Quick Menu button to display the Quick Menu window. From there, tap on the desired Quick Menu set to activate it.


Using Xenx with Procreate

In Xenx, you can customize specific shortcuts in accordance with your preferences and creative habits through the interface settings. This allows you to swiftly select the functions you need during your creative process, significantly boosting your productivity.

To achieve the best creative results in Procreate, utilizing certain functions and creating shortcuts tailored to your preferences and habits is key. Customizing shortcuts can markedly enhance your creative efficiency, ensuring that your artwork reaches its full potential.



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