XENX e-Signature Solution

Xenx Electronic Signature Introduction

Nowadays electronic signature becomes widely applicable in many different industries internally and externally because it is proven to be more secure than the traditional wet signature in many aspects.

XENX signature devices provide accurate, low cost and high durability solution for any size of business environment.

Biometric Signature Data

XENX Biometric Signature Data

XENX signature devices capture your signature biometrically includes pen stroke speed, pressure, sequence and XY-coordinates of the signature.

In consideration of common fast signing behavior, our signature devices takes 360 pen data per second to ensure all the biometric information are recorded.

EMR Digitizer

XENX EMR Digitizer for LCD Display

Thanks to electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology, XENX pen is battery-less and cordless. It also provides high pressure sensitivity, super fine resolution and high report rate.

EMR sensor board is installed underneath the display module which enhances the durability of the signature device.

XENX Signature Devices

SDK for Developers

XENX e-signature SDK

XENX e-signature SDK is available for developers to integrate their own signature solution. Our SDK is compatible with most development platforms and our engineers will provide adequate assistance throughout the development cycle. Should you have any pre-sale or post-sale enquiry, please contact us at dev@xenx-tech.com.

Dynamic Signature Verification

Xenx Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV)

With Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV), the captured biometric signature data is automatically verified dynamically against signature specimen stored encrypted in the systems database. If you want to know more about our DSV solution, please contact us at dev@xenx-tech.com.