Supercharging Your Workflow in Procreate on iPad

Supercharging Your Workflow in Procreate on iPad

Procreate is one of the most beloved apps for illustrators and designers using the iPad. This award-winning creative application allows you to create beautiful sketches and stunning illustrations using the Apple Pencil or your fingers. Now, to enhance your workflow in Procreate, there are methods to make your work faster and more efficient. Whether you're a newcomer to this app or a seasoned pro, connecting a keyboard to Procreate can unlock a world of shortcuts, making your work a breeze. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the shortcuts available in Procreate.

Procreate's Shortcuts

Procreate's shortcuts fall into two categories: gesture shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts.

Gesture Shortcuts:

Basic Gestures: These include moving the canvas with your fingertip, undoing/redoing actions, clearing, copying, pasting, and accessing practical menus.

Touch Drawing/Smudging/Erasing: Simply tap the drawing, smudging, or erasing tools, then touch the canvas to start creating.

Pinch to Zoom: Pinch your fingers on the canvas to zoom in or out without losing image quality.

Pinch to Rotate: While holding the canvas, rotate your fingers to adjust the angle.

Quick Pinch to Fit Screen: Rapidly pinch the canvas to automatically fit it to the interface size for the best view. To achieve this, quickly pinch and release your fingers on the screen.

Two-Finger Tap to Undo: Quickly undo one or more recent actions by tapping with two fingers simultaneously. Two fingers can be together or apart. A notification will appear at the top of the screen to tell you what was undone. If you want to undo a series of actions, tap the canvas and keep two fingers held down, and after a moment, Procreate will start rapidly undoing your most recent actions. To stop undoing, simply lift your fingers from the canvas.

Three-Finger Tap to Redo: When you've undone too many actions and want to redo them, a simple three-finger tap does the trick. Three fingers can be together or apart.

Three-Finger Swipe to Clear: Drag three fingers left and right across the canvas to erase the content of a layer.

Three-Finger Swipe Down to Call Cut/Copy/Paste: Lightly swipe with three fingers downward on the screen to open the cut, copy, and paste menu, which offers options like cut, copy all, copy, cut and paste, and paste.

Four-Finger Tap to Toggle Full Screen: If you want to clear the interface and focus on your art, lightly tap the screen with four fingers to enter full-screen mode. The interface will slide away, giving you a clear view of your canvas. Tap with four fingers again to return to the interface mode or tap the icon in the upper left corner while in full-screen mode.

Draw and Long-Press for "Quick Shape": Draw a line or shape, and keep your finger pressed on the canvas. After a few seconds, your stroke will turn into a perfect straight line or a similar shape. While long-pressing with one finger, lightly tap on the canvas with another finger to instantly refine the shape.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Procreate offers a range of keyboard shortcuts when a keyboard is connected. By holding the "Alt" key, you can access all available shortcuts for a specific tool.

Xenx's Integration with Procreate

Xenx is a specialized productivity tool designed for the iPad, aiming to provide a convenient way for creators to enhance their design work. You can easily map all the essential shortcuts to Xenx's buttons and dials, helping artists become more efficient and faster in their work. 

When using Procreate, you can customize your preferred shortcuts on Xenx to match your creative style and make your workflow even more streamlined. With Xenx, you'll have all your shortcuts at your fingertips, making your work smoother and more efficient.

Furthermore, Xenx is versatile and compatible with various software, ensuring that shortcuts from different apps are readily available, optimizing your creative process and allowing you to produce high-quality work with ease.

Discover the power of shortcuts in Procreate and enhance your creative journey with Xenx. Boost your efficiency, and take your digital art to new heights!

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